What does the term Erectile Dysfunction mean?

Although Erectile Dysfunction covers a range of disorders, it commonly refers to the inability of the male to have an erection. This condition is also known as impotence, and is found more commonly in men above 65 however, it can affect a person at any age and even many youngsters have fallen prey to it.  Erectile Dysfunction affects almost every male for a transient period, it is also said that this condition affects every man at least once in the lifetime though this is different from erectile dysfunction as a disorder. As men age, it's also fine to experience some dysfunction in your erection such as it may take a bit longer for you to get erect and the rigidity might get reduced. But, it is termed as a disorder when you cannot complete the intercourse satisfactorily and if this situation holds for some time. In ED a man loses his capability to either have an erection at all or the erection is not hard enough for the intercourse. It is said that worldwide erectile dysfunction affects about 5% of all males above 40 years and the percentage increases as the age progresses.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Erection is a complex method, it happens with the collaboration of various influences. Simply put the corpus cavernosum of male genital gets filled with blood upon stimulation and this makes the penile organ go hard. There is a harmonious effort of neuronal system, brain and the blood vessels, a hormonal system that brings erection about. There are various factors that may contribute to erectile dysfunction. Psychological causes: A few psychological causes that contribute to ED are anxiety, stress, depression, performance anxiety and fatigue also, resentment, hostility or lack of interest towards one’s partner can also lead to ED. Physical causes: Some of the physical factors are nerve damage due to diabetes or other reasons, cardiovascular disorders and a few prescription medications. There are various other causes as well but the most likely ones have been pointed out.

Fildena is a very popular oral ED medication often chosen as the first line management of erectile dysfunction. This drug is preferred all across the world by males who are looking for fast and effective management option which doesn't fail to exert its response.

Fildena best ED tablet to hold Erection at intimacy time.

It makes you hard by giving a firm erection that lasts quite long and thus offers a male every ingredient that is needed to experience a splendid and worth remembering intimate session. It has Sildenafil citrate as its active compound.

Fildena is a tablet formulation available in 50, 100 and 120mg of dosing strengths. Take this drug once a day orally with water on an SOS basis. It is taken one hour before lovemaking starts. Take it only once a day.   

Chest pain, flushing, indigestion, headache, pelvic pain, priapism, and dyspepsia are a few adverse effects of this medication.   

Precautions to take with Fildena:

  • Don’t take alcohol and grapefruit juice as that can bring negative effects to this therapy.
  • It can make you feel drowsy and lightheadedness so does not drive till this feeling continues.  

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