Teenage pregnancy is always viewed as taboo whether it is developed or underdeveloped country. It has devastating effects on teen's social life as well.

Does really teen pregnancy affect society?? If you are wondering how then you need to read this article completely.

  • Teenage who get pregnant at an early age fail to pursue their higher education due to a load of an extra responsibility of unwanted pregnancy. Due to this, they remain illiterate and this increases a rate of illiteracy in the society.

When a teen gets pregnant she needs to either leave her education or put her education on hold for some time. In most of the cases, they decide to drop their high school and find a job to support themselves. If they continue their college then they may bear taunts, acid marks and arrogant talks from their peers because of their pregnancy. In such cases, they decide to focus on the baby or to get married rather than continuing their higher education.

  • In most of the countries, the government provides some schemes for teen pregnant mothers. As the low qualified mother, teens do not get a good job, she somewhat depends on government for making their financial distress less. Teens mom do not need to pay taxes and in last government need to face a huge loss of revenue.

Apart from this teens mothers are always remain dependent on others for their financial support. Even for their living they need to ask others for help and fails to provide good education to their baby. Therefore her parents or friends have to face a financial crunch.

No multiple hospital visits are required in doing an abortion with MTP Kit.

What TEENS do when they got pregnant?

Mostly teen girls choose to drop their pregnancy before their unwanted pregnancy ruin their life. They trust MTP Kit for their abortion because it is the only way to make their abortion in privacy or in a secretive way. MTP Kit can terminate a pregnancy of up to 9 weeks without failing and is easy to administer in the body. It is more popular than surgical abortion because it allows a woman to do her abortion by herself, and does not need any doctor or any person to help in the abortion process.

MTP Kit is a brand name given to a packet containing  Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Mifepristone is classified as an antiprogesterone drug that has potential to cause fetal death by breaking the supply of essential compounds such as nutrients and oxygen to the on growing fetus. Second component  Misoprostol makes strong contractions in the uterus so that dead contents get out from the body in the form of bleeding and clotting.

Follow each step given below for safe abortion:

  • Day 1: You need to take one tablet of Mifepristone of 200mg through the mouth with a large amount of water on an empty stomach.
  • Day 3: Place 4 pills of Misoprostol(each 200mcg) in the vagina or you can take by mouth also.
  • Day 14: Go to the hospital for finally make sure that abortion has been done.

Some of the noxious effects of MTP Kit include severe vaginal blood loss, flightiness, diarrhea, queasiness, back pain, tiredness, heavy vaginal discharge and discomfort, stomach cramping or pain, and nausea.


  • Restrict yourself from taking alcohol, or grapefruits along with MTP Kit otherwise side effects get more severe.
  • The intrauterine device needs to be taken out before administering MTP Kit to make yourself safe from harsh vaginal bleeding.
  • Do not get intimate with your man till your bleeding completely stops after abortion.