Depression……. eating you up from the inside to outside you. It is a monster that is sitting inside your head and taking toll of your life. You know what is the worst thing….Ahemmm….Think…Think….That no one takes it as a serious problem like other issues as pain, fever etc. Your family even your loved one does not understand what is happening with you that is making you feel lonely.

Even positive things seem to be negative and you are unable to manage it. You were literally becoming your own enemy. After a troubling day, when you reach your home, you feel so exhausted that all voices are moving in your head. You cannot even sleep to forget all these issues. You do not want to wake in the morning time because life has become a nightmare. You feel sick having fear of night time as you do not know when these voices become louder. You become as irritated as it was becoming impossible to sleep like depression and insomnia are going hand in hand.

It was clear that you wanted help but asking for it makes you realize that you are a burden over others. You wanted to be free from all this but unable to do that. SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE…that you will be same again as you were.

Valdoxan Medicine is the best solution for all the endless negative thoughts or simply say depression. This is best anti-depressant medicine that makes you able to live a normal life. If unwanted depressive thoughts are not allowing you to live peacefully then you can take this medicine. Valdoxan works well for depressive symptoms like deep sadness, dimness, uneasiness, etc. Agomelatine is the important generic drug that has been advanced and modified to branded approved medicine Valdoxan.

Overcome your Depression with Valdoxan 25mg Tablet

Agomelatine comes in the class of medicines namely melatonin receptor agonist. It acts by producing an antagonistic effect on serotonin-2C receptors and its agonistic action on melatonin receptors. This action slows down the functioning of melatonin that results in improving the body’s day-to-day pace. Agomelatine is also responsible for releasing noradrenaline and dopamine, mainly in the forward cortex. As the levels of noradrenaline and dopamine gets increases in the brain that cause an immediate recovery in the mood of the unhappy person. 

Valdoxan is best available in dosing strength of 25mg at our online drugstore. For treating depression problem, this medicine can be taken as a tablet form via the oral route. It is advised to take one tablet once per day before going to the bed with a profusion of water. For treating severe depressive episodes, it is advised to take two Valdoxan 25mg tablets via the mouth, one time in a day before sleeping.

Valdoxan may be responsible for some noxious effects like dizziness, sickness, diarrhea, fatigue, belly ache, painful back, queasiness, migraine, constipation, and sleeping trouble.


  • Alcohol consumption is strictly restricted while being on Valdoxan as it may increase the risks associated with this medication.
  • Valdoxan may make sleepy so it is advised doing such works that need complete alertness of mind.
  • In case of having an allergy to any component of Valdoxan, no need to take this medicine.

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