You had a great life– a successful career, a loving family and a healthy lifestyle. From inside you were fighting with yourself to live and to explain yourself that you did not deserve it. You were living a depressive life without acknowledging this problem. You never take help and even too much tensed in telling anyone about this problem. You tried hard to hide this problem but sometimes you fail in making it.  Remember the day when you were hiding in your cabin crying and when someone calls you for a meeting then you go for presentation without letting anyone about your depression. You think that you save your tears for a home where no one could see. You made some excuses to not tell anyone about it at home.

You were working for longer hours driving up by the thoughts of self-critics and self-perfectionist voices. You want someone to support, anyone who could hug you and say everything is ok. Some of your characteristics were your poor sleeping patterns, snacking and feeling alone. This makes you impatient, irritated and emotionally painful. These are the symptoms of the severe depressive disorder that needs to be effectively treated by using Valdoxan medicine.

Valdoxan is an anti-depressant medicine that can make you from deep or disabling depression. This medicine gives you your life back and feeling of hope so that you can live a good incredible life. It is the best treatment option that can also treat other medical health conditions such as anxiousness, feeling of uselessness,  normal sleeping pattern, get slow down, change in hunger and weight fluctuation due to depression.  This medicine aims to make your body normal so that you did not remain depressed anymore.

Valdoxan is the cheapest and ultimate drug to handle the situation of Deep depression.

Agomelatine is responsible for the therapeutic action of branded medicine Valdoxan. Agomelatine is classified in the group of medications namely melatonin receptor agonist. It has an agonistic action on melatonin receptors and antagonistic action on serotonin-2C receptors. It reduces the action of melatonin and boosts up the body’s day-to-day pace. It also discharges the noradrenaline and dopamine importantly in the forward cortex. As levels of noradrenaline and dopamine get an increase in the brain leading to the quick recovery of mood.

One of the best-recommended doses of Valdoxan is 25 mg that is suitable for any level of depressive disorder. One dose needs to be taken by oral route with an immense amount of water. One tablet is sufficient for a day so never augment the dose by you. If depression is severe then it is suggested to take two doses of Valdoxan by oral route in a single dose, once a day before going to sleep.

A person taking Valdoxan may face some of the undesirable effects of insomnia, headache, nervousness, nausea, light sensitivity, and feeling drowsy.

Things you must do:

  • Avoid taking alcohol with Valdoxan: There are two reasons for it, firstly alcohol is a brain depressant that increases the symptoms of depression. Secondly, your medicine will become less effective.
  • If you leave Valdoxan abruptly you may face drug withdrawal symptoms so ask your doctor and use this medicine properly.