Unguarded intercourse may result in pregnancy that is not intended or welcomed. In such cases, it is always mandatory to opt for a suitable abortion method to keep away from the trauma of bearing the load of pregnancy. Most of the times, women are perplexed with the course of termination of pregnancy; considering it matching with surgical abortion method. No need to decide on the surgical abortion method if your pregnancy duration is less than 9 weeks of gestation period, then RU486 Pill is appropriate medical abortion option for you!! Generic Mifepristone is present in this abortion pill as active medicament. It is an unbelievable way-out to pull out the hatchling from the uterus.

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An unplanned pregnancy can be scary and terrifying. Abortion is a decision that is a complicated one in terms of feelings and the woman must be in good health. Feeble health may produce heavy bleeding and severe pain when the course of RU486 is completed. You are advised to take the right step of concluding your unintentional pregnancy with full protection with RU486.

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What is the correct way of using RU486 Pill?

Three tablets of RU486 (200mg each) must be taken via oral route and then the female is required to go for a follow-up visit to confirm whether the pregnancy got terminated or not. If abortion is not complete, then two tablet of Misoprostol (200mcg each) are taken via oral route or administered vaginally. And then check-up can be done.

Female using RU486 pill might face couple of side effects including nausea, vomiting, fatigue, stomach spasms, pelvic pain, nervousness and infection. Vaginal bleeding may also occur with the use of RU486.

Safety measures to be followed before using RU486 Pill

  • RU486 should not be used if an ectopic pregnancy is confirmed.
  • Pregnant females whose duration of pregnancy is above 63 days of gestation or lactating mothers should not utilize this medication.
  • Do not practice harmful habits such as smoking or liquor abuse while using Generic Mifepristone.

Apart from of what conditions force it, abortion is by no means a happy sentiment. Sometimes, it may provide you a sensation of relief in case of unintentional pregnancy, but normally, a sense of emotional loss, anger, sadness and guilt surpasses you. Whatever the feeling may be, or even though you don’t have any emotion at all, you must take care of your health after you have gone through this pregnancy termination process.

Thus, let me put some light on some of the constraints after abortion

  • Do not use tampons until or after your follow-up exam.
  • Avoid tiring activity like lifting heavy objects after the process of abortion.
  • Avoid getting engaged in physical intercourse after abortion.
  • Avoid the intake of NSAIDs such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen after abortion as these can enhance the risk of bleeding.

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