Sensual intimacy between partners makes their relationship and bonding stronger and once you are in satisfying lovemaking then it not only reduces your daily life stress but also makes you feel boosted. However, a man starts to suffer from repeated failures in attaining and keeping the hard erection that ruins any relationship. Hence, you should keep your relationship awake and stronger with the continuous pleasurable lovemaking by taking Cenforce 50mg during the condition of erection failure.

Cenforce is an easy to ingest and immensely used oral formulation for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence condition in adult males. During sensual playing, when a man is unable to accomplish and sustain a sturdy erection because of low blood supply towards erectile organ, then Cenforce medication is given that helps to boost the blood supply towards penile organ for attaining and holding the hard erection during lovemaking to the partner.

Cenforce 50mg is the drug which is most preferred for the treatment of Erectile dysfunction.

Cenforce brand encloses Sildenafil citrate as the functional constituent that blocks the PDE-5 enzyme to increase the level of cGMP in order to widen the constricted blood vessels around male genital for sufficient blood supply towards erectile organ. This helps a man enjoying a pleasurable and satisfying sensual playing with the partner without facing any erection failure.

Cenforce comes in oral dosage formulation with 50, 100, 150 and 200mg dosage strengths. Thus, you have to take the suggested strength at about an hour before an intended sensual playing with the partner. This makes the drug active within 30mintes and stays in action for next 4-5hours so that you do not have to repeat the dose on the same day.

Hence, follow the proper dosing regimen and safety precautions and enjoy your erection failure-free lovemaking.

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