Depression affects you and your nearby people as everyone near you gets disturbed with your depressive thoughts. Symptoms with depression disorder include feeling lonely, feeling sad, losing interest in your favorite tasks, or feeling low. Though these symptoms might be temporary if they become worse with time, it needs proper treatment before it’s too late. The persistent intensity of these symptoms is so high that it misbalances the thinking ability of the person taking him away from peace and happiness. The reason for depression disorder could be any one of environmental factor, genetic, psychological, or biological issues and these could be easily managed with the dose of Valdoxan 25 mg. This medicine provides the male with calm and sedative effect keeping him away from depressive thoughts.

Get to know more about Valdoxan medicine below:

Valdoxan medication is given to such patients to alleviate the unhappy, depressed and stalled mood for up the interest in activities and feel happy. Valdoxan works with depressive disorder in adults by providing with sedative and calming effects on the person. Valdoxan could be a therapeutic formulation that is utilized in adult patients for treating the condition of major emotional disturbance.

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Throughout depression disorder, the patient feels disappointment, despair, anxiousness, sleep disturbances, modification in weight, being stalled, or the loss of interest in favorite activities. The generic Agomelatine, which is a medicinal drug moiety and acts on endocrine receptors so as to induce the calmness with the onset of endocrine receptors that acts within the brain by acting on 5-hydroxytryptamine and endocrine receptors within the brain.

Valdoxan comes as an oral dosage form with the dosing strength of 25 mg to be consumed orally with water and irrespective of the food.

The starting dose of Valdoxan is oral consumption of a single pill of Valdoxan daily before going to bed and it is to take for the suggested period regarding your medical condition. The dose can be increased to two pills of Valdoxan, if needed, in a day before bedtime.

Contraindications with the use of Valdoxan medicine:

  • Valdoxan medicine is not to be consumed with any health problem such as renal, hepatic, cardiovascular, or bleeding dysfunction.
  • Valdoxan medicine is not to be used by the patients of children, pregnant woman, geriatric class, and nursing mothers.
  • Valdoxan is not supposed to be consumed along with any other psychological disorder.
  • Valdoxan should not be taken with any allergic reaction to any part of the medicine.

Safety precautions with Valdoxan:

  • Keep alcoholic drinks away while taking this medicine.
  • Do not take any other sleeping pill or depression treating medicine along with Valdoxan medicine
  • Avoid use of this medicine before going to do any concentration-requiring tasks.

The patients taking Valdoxan medicine might get in contact with some contrary side effects such as constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, migraine, sleeping trouble, abdominal pain, back pain, or useless tiredness.

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