With all the talks going around about how depression can and has affected millions of lives and how it even teens are not resistant to it, it is important that you observe your child and if you suspect depression see a doctor. It will be tough for you to deal with it so the only two things you need to know is that you are not alone and that there are many management and treatment options available for your kid. Through several studies done on this subject, it is believed that about 20% of teens will experience some or other kind of depression before they become an adult, also a widely accepted statistic is that at any given point about 10-15% teens show some sign of depression, also 5% of these are said to be suffering from major depression. This also means that in a class of 100 students, almost 20 of them may be suffering from depression and 5 of them may have major depression, these children have parents as well, you are not alone and it can be well managed.

With something as stigmatized as depression is, try not to be embarrassed if and when your child gets it. It’s not their fault and you know that, it’s completely fine to be disturbed for a while it is a natural feeling though to solve the matter we have to take things in our own hands. According to the data, 80 percent of the teens can be treated of depression though only 33 percent seek any treatment which is just sad.  We may believe that it can be treated with motivational talks, keeping the kid happy etc. all that may work but you need to see a doctor, a therapist tells you how to implement stuff in a way that it can help reduce the depression else the same things can turn in to a disaster. So go to a doctor and get yourself treated whether or not you are a teen.

Valdoxan is a widely acclaimed drug used for a competent management of depression. This medication is the first choice of many therapists and millions of patients of depression. It creates an amicable internal atmosphere by reducing the sadness and makes you feel pleasant. It also helps the people suffering from depression have a satisfying sleep. Valdoxan contains Agomelatine as its active therapeutic ingredient.

 Valdoxan is best medicament by which anxiety can be easily treats.

Agomelatine is used as anti-depressant medication in most cases. It is an agonist of melatonin and an antagonist of Serotonin. This medicine offers therapeutic response by inducing a phase of sleep, and lowering down the body temperature. It also regulates the onset of melatonin which is said to get decreased during depression. How its action on Serotonin helps in depression is not entirely known yet.  

Valdoxan is available in 25mg dosing strength as a tablet preparation. It is to be taken with water. The commonly provided dose of Valdoxan for management of depression is one 25mg tablet taken orally, right before you got to bed. If this dose fails to offer enough response then you might be given a higher dose of 50mg (two tablets). The dose listed here is not an alternative to the prescription of the doctor.

Some side effects that may follow this medication are diarrhea, dizziness, abdominal cramp, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, migraine and constipation.

Safety measures to be taken care of:   

  • Excessive reliance on alcohol while you are on the therapy can have bad consequences.
  • Agomelatine might make you feel drowsy and lightheaded, do not drive if you feel this way.

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