Abortion is the choice not only for seeking the opportunity to flew away from the responsibility of marriage but many times it is the life savior decision for the couple. Especially when they are not mentally prepared to produce their progeny due to reasons like;

  • Couple is newlywed and wants time to know each other well
  • The expectant mother of the child is not keeping at her good health
  • The expected parents are not financially okay and struggling with management of penny
  • The couple is not stable in their career and wants more time to establish themselves
  • The couple is not staying with each other and their relationship has turned similar to long distance relationship due to reasons like job and career, family responsibility
  • The couple has already planned their family and have enough kids they want in their home
  • In case of molestation, forceful incest and sexual contact maintain against the wish of the women turns the women upset and infuses her with sense of rejection and hate for the person
  • When the social and political conditions of the state are not well like in case of terrorist attack and war with another country then also the rate of abortion goes high in the particular country

Therefore conception is the first chance to prevent pregnancy and conception whereas abortion is the last opportunity available with the couple to be free of the unwanted, unintentional, accidental and surprise pregnancy that came to couple due to the failure of preventive measure or intercourse did without taking any protection.

RU486 is the drug that has maintained its legacy of minimum side effects and maximum efficiency to drain out the unwanted gestation in vaginal bleeding.

RU486 is the drug that has maintained its legacy of minimum side effects and maximum efficiency to drain out the unwanted gestation in vaginal bleeding. This is done by the medicine by shattering the supply of progesterone hormone to fetal tissues developing inside the woman's womb. Deprivation to this crucial enzyme creates holes in the endometrial lining of uterine to which fetus attach for attaining nutrition and growth. So, inhibition of Progesterone drains all possibilities of the women to continue with the pregnancy.

It's best if you take all 3 RU486-Mifepristone pills, each of strength 200mg together before reaching to 7 weeks of gestation. Women are suggested to take Mifepristone pills on empty stomach with a huge sum of water. After 2 days duration, it is essential for women to visit the clinic for getting an ultrasound done to check that none piece of the debris is left inside the uterus. If the report shows some positive signs than she has to take 2 pills of Misoprostol and need to be put all together in her vaginal region or can place the same under the tongue. After a gap of 2 days, it turns almost crucial to re-visit physician clinic.

Adverse effects of RU486 pills include puking, headache, indigestion, dry mouth, sore throat, myalgia, chills, trembling, pain in back, strong stomach cramps and heavy menstrual bleeding.

Precautions that women need to take with RU486 are restricting booze, smoke, and any strenuous workout. Caution should be taken that ectopic pregnancy can't be drained by use of this medicine. Rest, no intimacy and fresh juice are best after taking the abortion pill. Take out your IUD prior you place pills inside the vagina.

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