Dealing with unwanted or unplanned pregnancy is one of the biggest challenges that a girl can face in her life. She may become concerned about her future or somewhat scared about the consequences of this pregnancy or grieve for the loss of her freedom or independent life. If she is in a stable relationship then she can think of carrying the pregnancy but still pregnancy before the marriage is never accepted by our society and even it can put a big stain on her character. Even her boyfriend is supportive; still, he faces so much tension like to find a new job or continuing the college and part-time job for his growing family. Well….well….everything needs to settle down and it is better to make abortion and plan life first. Baby can be planned at any time but an unplanned baby when you both are incapable of accommodating the resources is not a good option. Now talking about the women who are in an unstable relationship, what they do? They have two options to continue or end the unplanned pregnancy. If they continue then she needs both supports physically as well as emotional. Her parents don’t accept her as well as her baby and most of the times either force her for abortion or cut all of her connections with her.

An unexpected pregnancy can be so challenging that a single woman or in a relationship may fear to continue so the best-chosen option is to make abortion by MTP Kit Pills . It is the highest chosen option by so many of women for terminating their unplanned pregnancy. It can be used till the duration of 9 weeks by a woman herself as it is self-administration abortion process. It easily clears out the women’s uterus from the fetal contents and makes it easiest abortion process.

 Kills Unexpected pregnancy before 9 weeks by using mtp kit pills

MTP kit is a brand name compromising of two different generic medications namely Mifepristone & Misoprostol.  The first pill Mifepristone of 200mg strength is suggested to be taken orally on an empty stomach with water. After 2 days, 4 Pills of Misoprostol 200mcg each is suggested to be taken by oral or vaginal route. On the 14th day, it is suggested to go for an ultrasound so that you can confirm that you are no more pregnant.

As by the dosing, it is clear that first Mifepristone goes into the body which directly shatters the supply of Pregnancy essential Progesterone hormone leading to breaking of the endometrium lining making a fetal dead. The other medicine Misoprostol has an action of causing strong contractions & relaxing motions so that fetal contents get ejected from the women uterus via the heavy bleeding process.

The side effects and risks of using MTP kit are diarrhea, heavy bleeding, Cramping, nausea, fever, Cramping, heavy vaginal bleeding, nausea, and weakness. Therefore it is recommended to not to use MTP Kit if you are anemic or have a bleeding disorder then you should not use it. Also for avoiding the side effects of this medicine, you should avoid lifting heavy objects or doing heavy exercise.

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