Having an unwanted pregnancy is so much common, and most of them end up with abortion.

If you are thinking about going for abortion then you are not alone as many women like you are not happy with their pregnancy. You are the only one who knows what is the right for you. Only you are the one to decide to accept or reject this new change in your life.

Sometimes it is easy to take this decision while sometimes it is made complicated by the conditions. Deciding abortion does not mean that you do not love children, but it means that you love them but you are physically or emotionally as much strength to take this decision.

Ru486 is the safe and secure therapy to end pregnancy upto 7 weeks.

Most of the women want to keep their pregnancy news private, and this is only possible with RU486. It is the secretive way of abortion that woman can use it at her home or any place she trusts. It is a safe and effective way of terminating a pregnancy of 7 weeks.

Women who do not want to face the horrible surgical abortion can use these medicines. It works like a natural miscarriage in the body, so if any woman wants to tell her family members that she has gotten a miscarriage she can do so.

It costs less inexpensive than surgical abortion method, so there is no need to worry about the pricing of it. Apart from this, it reduces the number of visits to the hospital so if the hospital is away from your residence, then you need not worry about it. The main role is played by Mifepristone in RU486 kit.

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