You are dealing with depression from your teenage years. Feelings were very dangerous. There were many other persons in the outside world, also who is making you angry and violent. You never go out of the house and even there is no reaction in fear of something is wrong.

You go outside only for meeting your lover, your boyfriend. He is the only one, with whom you feel normal and happy. You broke down when you see him in the bed with another woman. Your emotions depression, panic attacks, fearful, obsessive, and anger flowed out. These panic attacks lasted for a week. You were relieved but you never trusted anybody.

You did not like to spend time with any of your loved ones, loneliness is increasing your depressive mood per day.  You were digging up the fast to fight against today's problem. Depression was still there in different forms, you can feel its presence. There were many happy times as well, but you had gone many ups and down from your marriage to becoming a mother and in other careers.

Valdoxan is a best-prescribed medicine for the treatment of nervousness and depression

Depression is affecting every person attached to you, both family, children and your life are becoming more and more difficult. This is not only your experience but of every individual who is dealing up with depression at any stage of life. Therefore it very important to tell you the right treatment for it–– Valdoxan.

Valdoxan is a best-prescribed medicine for the treatment of nervousness and depression. It is placed in the category of anti-depressant. By making you relax it makes you live your happy moments of life and allows you to spend your time with your loved ones. It basically aims to balance the unbalanced charges over the two sides of nerves so that you calm down and can judge every moment. The main generic drug present in Valdoxan is Agomelatine that is FDA approved.

Being a therapeutic component– Valdoxan works in the body by getting attached selectively and agonistically to the melatonin receptors(MT1 and MT2). It also selective antagonizes the action of serotonin 5HT-2C receptors so that person can come out of the panic state of anxiety and depression to a normal state.

The main available dose of Valdoxan is 25mg that needs to take one tablet once on daily basis during bedtime. If depression or anxiety is a serious level, then this dosing strength can be increased to 50mg (two tablets together at bedtime. You may observe the beneficial results within two weeks of starting this treatment. You can have this medicine with or without food.

Some of the serious effects of Valdoxan are diarrhea, sickness, sleeping problem, migraine, lightheadedness, constipation, abdominal pain, weariness, pain in the backside of the body. You need to be cautious to avoid these side effects such as if you are allergic to any drug present in this medicine then do not take it. You may become sleepy after taking Valdoxan so remain in bed and avoid doing risky works that need your mind' presence. Valdoxan cannot be taken in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, or if taken then it should be clearly specified by the doctor.