Termination of unwanted pregnancy before the completion of gestation duration is known as Abortion. This is none less than a life savior options for those women who are standing at the top notch or at the crucial stage of beginning their career. Women in specific carrier fields like modeling, air-hostesses and other fields have some age restriction of pregnancy in those cases Abortion may be available as a best possible option. Women who are looking for family planning but if they conceive accidentally then abortion acts as a mode of contraception to them.

There are two ways to undergo an abortion process either you can go by medical ways by gulping the abortion pills but this procedure can be used only for a specific duration of 9 weeks. Or you can go for an abortion through a surgical procedure which can be performed in a patient under the guidance of a licensed physician in effect of anesthesia and surgical instruments.

Medical method (MTP Kit) is always the most accepted method for pregnancy termination as this doesn’t require anybody legal approvals for abortion nor it disclose the identity of the person undergoing an abortion. Another adventitious feature of this procedure is that it is cheap and ~100% effective approach to elude out unwanted pregnancy.

 End your teenage pregnancy safely with MTP kit without any side effect.

MTP Kit is the most sold brand available for pregnancy termination having 5 pills in total. One pill in the packing is Mifepristone 200mg whereas other 4 pills in the pack are of Misoprostol 200mcg. A woman who wants to abort the unwanted pregnancy has to first take the pill Mifepristone 200mg orally with a glass full of water followed by a lapse of 2 days she has to put all 4 pills of Misoprostol deep in the vaginal cavity. If you found this way difficult then you can put the dosing between your cheeks and gum and can swallow the contents with salivation. 14 days later she can go to the clinic for an ultrasound to confirm that nothing is left inside the uterus.

The mechanism through pills Mifepristone exhibits its action of female’s body is inhibiting the release of Progesterone hormone whose presence in the body is important for the pregnancy. In no supply of Progesterone hormone pregnancy itself gets terminated. Putting Misoprostol pills will induce strong contractile movements and dilates open the cervical opening so as to easily evacuate out the unwanted pregnancy through normal ways of menstruation.

MTP kit may induce some side effects in the women which are like lethargy, fever, headache, abdominal cramps, heavy menstruation, pain and shivering in legs. As cautionary measure, a woman must avoid getting sensual and must restrict the other strenuous tasks as this may aggravate bleeding from the vagina. Removing IUD from the vaginal region is an important caution prior you put the medications in the vaginal region. The use of these pills is contradicted in case of ectopic pregnancy.

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