Holding pregnancy test kit in your hand… the result was clear…Positive––– that means you are pregnant. Looking once, twice, thrice…“two positive lines”. You are not ready to accept this bitter truth that you are going to be a MOM soon. You are in a loving relationship with your boyfriend from last 4 years. You were staying in a cute rental home. You were almost of 24 years and working in good company. So when you become pregnant, you do not have any reason that you can not handle.

In deep thinking: You sat on your bed and closed your eyes. If you continued pregnancy first step is you need to leave your job.  Secondly, you need to marry soon that is not possible for you. What reasons you tell your parents for this hurry of marriage or did you clearly say that you are pregnant? Well, you cannot tell them because you are not strong enough to face the negative reactions that your parents give.

The decision time: Breathed calmly and finally you became able to center yourself. You were clear in mind now (It took few minutes to calm as you were becoming a tense whole day about what to do since you took the test). Relax, you asked yourself “Do I want to have a child now?” The answer was strong and straight: “No”.

Ru486 Pills easily solve your problem of Unwanted pregnancy

So for you, it was clear; your body and mind say no that means “no”––––––– you want abortion done as soon as possible for that you trusted RU486.

RU486 has been widely accepted, effectively and safely chosen medicine for ending up an unplanned pregnancy of 7 weeks.  The abortion pill–RU486 contains an FDA approved generic moiety–Mifepristone. This way of medicinal abortion can be used as early as you know about the pregnancy. Any woman can use this abortion method without going in doctor’s office at her home or the place where she feels comfortable. This is a completely non-surgical way of abortion so there is no fear of damage to vagina or cervical or vaginal part.

The working action of Mifepristone starts by inhibition of the progesterone hormone that further stops the delivery of important requirements to the fetus resulting in the death of fetal death. Decrease level of progesterone also breaks the uterine wall. The other action produced by this medicine is to make strong contractions of the endometrial wall so that dead fetus gets out from the woman’s body.

For doing abortion via Mifepristone, the first step is to take 3 pills of Mifepristone in fasting through the mouth with an abundance of water. At your 3rd day, you need to go for an ultrasound to confirm the abortion. By chance abortion fails then you need to take 2 pills of Misoprostol of 200 mcg each via the vaginal or oral route. Then wait for 2 days and go for an ultrasound to be sure about abortion.

RU486 may cause some of the side effects of a headache, queasiness, heavy vaginal blood loss, faintness, abdominal cramps, discomfort, and pelvic pain.


  • In case of sensitivity to any component of Mifepristone, you cannot use RU486.
  • If severe side effect persists after taking RU486 pills then go and ask your doctor about it.
  • Alcohol can increase the risks associated with RU486, so never take this product till you recover from the losses happened in the body
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