Several men face difficulties in keeping erection longer for the needed duration while making love with his partner. This disorder is called as erectile dysfunction or impotence in this condition a man le is not capable to keep erection harder during intimacy session. Therefore, because of erection disorder men becomes unable to please his partner that affects relations between couples. Individuals who are facing the same disorder feel devastating and embarrassment and this also affects the emotional and psychological condition. There are many reasons for erection disorder and most common are stress, anxiety, depression, tension, masturbation, drinking, smoking etc. In addition, some health complications are also responsible to cause erection disorder like obesity, cardiac disorder, etc. Fortunately, erectile dysfunction can be controlled with the help of medicine called as Vidalista.

Vidalista Tablet is one of the most commonly suggested medicines highly suggested for the management of erectile dysfunction or impotence in man. Most of the male prefers the medicine because it gives prolonged and powerful erection while making love with a partner. By using a tablet a man can effectively please his partner during intimacy time and brings back his love and emotion in a relationship.

It is composed of generic Tadalafil as the main active component comes in the category of medicine has a place in the group of medicine called as a PDE5 inhibitor. This medicine acts by preventing the deprivation of cGMP by obstructing the phosphodiesterase inhibitor and enhances the formation of Nitric Oxide, responsible for smooth muscle relaxation. Therefore, due to this action, a man accomplishes powerful and sustained erection while making love with a partner.

Vidalista is obtainable in the dosing range of 20mg, 40 mg and 60 mg prepared as tablet dosage form. Therefore, consume the medicine via mouth with the help of a full glass of water almost one hour before intercourse and can be used with or without food. The patient has to keep the gap of 24 hours almost between two dosages and never take more than one dose at a time as this may be harmful. One can begin the treatment with a low dose and can enhance as per the need by the patient and this is mandatory to keep the gap of 36 hours between two dosages.

Common unwanted effects may likely to occur while taking the medicine such as priapism, flushing, muscle aches, headache, prolonged erection, gi problems, heartburn, runny nose, congestion.

Patients who are oversensitive to any component should not consume the medicine and inform the doctor ahead of using this medicine. While using this medicine quit consumption of alcohol and sedative products as these are not safe or may enhance the side effects. Individuals who are suffering from any kind of medical complications should inform the doctor before administration. Do not use the medicine if you are under 18 years and avoid using fatty foods, nitrate products, herbal products, grapefruit juice and many other medicines along with the medicine as these are not safe.

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