Are you distressed due to your hair loss, thin hair, hair fall and alopecia? Then you can try hair growth supplements. With the help of these supplements, you can improve the quality of hair, thickness, prevent your hair loss and also helps in improving the condition of hair.

The right hair growth supplements can help in the nourishing of hair inside from its root, faster hair growth; make your hair stronger, thicker, longer and shiner. An effective supplement can improve the length and condition of hair and also add a bonus points in improving the quality of nails and skin.

Hair fall Solution

Nowadays, Hair loss is a very critical condition and it is a major concern with individual, whether it is male or female. Almost every age group of men and women are facing this problem due to numerous reasons like hormonal changes, thyroid disease, intake of poor quality of diet, lack of protein, hereditary condition, and intake of certain medicines like cancer chemotherapy or due to auto-immune disease.

Hair loss is a very normal process, 45to60 hair fall on a daily basis and also develops a new growth of hair. Individual faces the problem of hair loss at the end of summer and in spring season. 60 hair losses are considered as a normal condition but more than 70 hair losses are considered as a significant hair loss and it should be treated with proper medication.

Diverse Causes Of Hair Loss

  • Common baldness (male pattern and female pattern baldness)
  • High fever, pregnancy, intake of medications
  • Hair loss after cancer chemotherapy treatment
  • Genetic hair loss is observed in newborn babies
  • Deficiency of vitamin B12, thyroid gland disorders

Hairootz Hair Growth Supplements

What Are Hairootz Hair Growth Supplements?

In some conditions, we cannot take sufficient amount of supplements and nutrition that our body needs. So, hair growth supplements fulfill all the requirements of supplements and nutrition, which are actually needed for the growth and development of hair. They help naturally to stop hair fall, promote hair growth, reduce the hair fall, thicken each strand of hair and improve the quality of nails and skin.

Home Remedies For Hair Care

You can also improve your diet, eat more fish, drink more water, take multivitamin tablets, use henna, apply a paste of egg and curd on your hair to improve the texture and condition of hair. Various sorts of vitamin are also essential for hair care like Vitamin C, Biotin and (vitamin B7or vitamin H).

To keep your hair shiny, healthy, thick, long and black, you body needs proper supplements and balanced diet. These vitamins work to promote healthy hair along with long, thick and fastest hair growth. Biotin promotes hair growth by renewing hair follicles and gives sufficient amount of nutrition to hair.

Medical Treatment of Hair Loss

Generic Finasteride, which effectively works by reducing the amount of a natural body hormone, known as DHT that causes the growth of prostate. It is also indicated for managing the signs and symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and male pattern baldness.

  • It is available in the tablet formulation, so take it orally with a full glass of water.
  • It is not indicated for the women's use.
  • Generic Finasteride is available in various brands like Propecia and Proscar 5mg for hair loss.

Generic Minoxidil, which is directly applied to the scalp twice a day. It should be applied with the help of a dropper. It works as a vasodilator, it dilates the blood vessel in the scalp and improve the functioning of hair follicle by providing proper oxygen, nutrition and blood to follicles and helps to stimulate hair growth.

  • It is meant for topical application.
  • It is intended for both men and women's use.
  • Generic Minoxidil is accessible in various brands like Coverit and Rogaine Extra Strength Hair Oil.

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