You're a wild girl with wild fantasies and too much of energy to make out. You stamina in bed under coitus act is super but what about your men sexual health? Is he equally potent like you? Do he gets equally excited when you touch him to his erogenous zone? Does he seek ways to rush when you grab his ears between your lips? Do he instantly remembers a phone call that he has to make when you move on to his neck and started going down whilst taking small lip locks and softly moving your fingers here and there in his soft regions.


Does he try to catch out from your trap when you try to take him behind the doors of the room keeping away from the sight of family members and kids? Does he always say no when you give him the first touch, kiss him by folding the arms around his neck and call him by the naughty name that you two has figured out for each other whilst the time of coitus?


Do you feel that you always rush after him and he always run away from you? Do you feel he is innocent and a bit shy? Do you feel that he feels uncomfortable in front you when standing naked? Oh Common! Don't you think that it's not his shyness but is something else………….? Now, else what? A difficulty to arouse swiftly in bed………A difficulty to attain a quick erection in bed………….A difficulty to stay sturdy for a long time in bed………A  difficulty to tell you that he has erection issues in him………A difficulty to tell you that he is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.


Hey, you wild girl! Don't you feel worried? Erection failure now a common issue in the US. One in ten men is having ED nowadays due to poor eating habits, stress, lack of rest & sleep but why to worry ED has a valiant cure available in terms of Fildena 100mg. Fildena has Sildenafil enclosed in it as the functional moiety to counter ED by shattering the function of enzyme PDE5 whose role is to disintegrate cGMP. Once you take Fildena an hour before of making love, you will develop a stiffer erection in your cock. Effect of the medicine will last its action to the long duration of 4-5 hours. Soon you get arousal to make love Nitric Oxide get surges from the tissues and the vessels supplying in the penile organ gets dilated to flow the rush of blood and turn erection firm.


Adverse effects some people can from this medicine include an ache in back, pain and shivering in muscles, soreness in the throat, stuffy nose, rash over penile skin and Priapism if you overdose. A cautionary measure that one need to stick is not to take alcohol, not to smoke, should avoid grapefruit juice, avoid coffee and not to ride vehicle and handle any machinery after taking the dose.


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