When something is inappropriate, you could feel it in different behaviors. You may feel sick or just sense usual shabby. You might feel that you are not your common self and you do not want to be around any person when generally you love the company. You may have the sense of cry or you cry a lot for no apparent cause or easily become irritable, or even think what about your life is all. Hence, to help yourself, you first need to know about what is occurring in your body, your social circle, and your spirit and in your mind and what can be done to feel better. If the major issue is with the feeling of miserable and feeling down, or you are losing interest in things or activities, we generally define it as depression. Such feelings generally fade over time once you get on with your living and are normal. However, during the depression, such feelings do not vanish with time even when the things improve or become usual, then medical treatment of Valdoxan is generally suggested for making thing better.

Understand Valdoxan and its usage:

Valdoxan Tablets is an effective medication that helps in treating the mental condition called depression or major depressive disorder in adult patients. This potent antidepressant regimen acts by working on serotonin and melatonin receptors in the brain. Depression is a consequence of lonely, sad, slowing down, or loss of interest feelings happening continuously and without any specific reason. Thus, this medicine assists in enhancing the mood and behavior and helps the patients to be indulging in favorite activities and feel involved and joyful.

Valdoxan helps in fighting with depression

Agomelatine is the generic moiety of Valdoxan brand medication that targets not only to melatonin receptors but also to serotonin for inducing the regular cycle of body and better sleep patterns. This medication functions as a melatonin agonist and serotonin antagonist in order to feel relaxed, sleepy, calm, excited, and indulged in favorite activities. This helps in treating depression or major depressive illness in patients with the regulation of circadian rhythm of the body to manage sleep and body patterns.

This medicine is obtained in orally consumed dosage formulation with 25mg strength and suggested to be used orally with an ample amount of water, and with or without taking the food. The suggested usage regimen involves daily oral intake of one pill of Valdoxan 25mg before going to sleep. If required, then the dose may be taken more up to 50mg daily as two pills of Valdoxan in a single use during bedtime. Dose alteration is never advised as this may affect the treatment and make the patient’s condition worse.

Some normally experienced irksome responses during the use of this medicine may include nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, constipation, vomiting, sleep disturbance, vomiting, abdominal pain, migraine, backache, or tiredness.

Therefore, few safety actions must be taken care to use Valdoxan medicine-

  • Valdoxan is contradictory to be consumed if you are pregnant, a nursing mother, child, or an elderly person.
  • Use of this medication is contrary during hypersensitivity to any constituent of this medicine.
  • The interaction may happen if you take this medicine with any other drug without consultation.
  • Use of this medicine is not allowed in case of medical disorders of heart, kidney, liver, bleeding, or any psychological ailment.
  • You are not permissible to drink alcohol with the use of this medicine as this may cause worsening of irksome effects.

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