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Oral formulations of Arimidex 1mg Tablets contain Generic Anastrozole as its active constituent. It is used in post-menopausal women for the treatment of early stage breast cancer and as an adjuvant therapy for the treatment of cancer that has been spread inside the breast or other parts of the body and which has been earlier treated with 2-3 years of Tamoxifen medicine. It interrupts with body's synthesis of estrogen as it is an Aromatase inhibitor.

Arimidex 1mg is not recommended for girls with growth hormone deficiency in addition to growth hormone treatment.

How Arimidex 1mg Tablets (Anastrozole) Acts?

Generic Anastrozole is present in Arimidex 1mg tablets as its main part, which belongs to non-steroidal Aromatase inhibitor group of drugs. Estrogens initiate and maintain the growth of various cancers of breasts.

Arimidex 1mg (Anastrozole) then acts by converting androstenedione to estrone and produce estradiol from estrone in post-menopausal women. Arimidex 1mg then suppresses this estradiol level and this reduction helps to show beneficial effects in women with breast cancer by blocking an enzyme called Aromatase in your body.

Who Should Not Take Arimidex 1mg Tablets (Anastrozole)?

Arimidex 1mg tablets administration is contraindicated in-

  • Women who are still in menstrual age,
  • Pregnant ladies or who are supposed to be, nursing mothers,
  • Known hypersensitive patients to Arimidex 1mg tablets or any of its constituents,
  • Hepatic and renal impairment conditions, osteoporosis condition or who are at the risk of osteoporosis, children and adolescents.

How should Arimidex 1mg Tablets (Anastrozole) be stored?

  • Do not store this medicine above room temperature.
  • Keep the medicine away from light, heat, moisture and reach of children.

What Are The Drug Interactions of Arimidex 1mg Tablets?

Tamoxifen, Estrogen, Warfarin, Birth control pills, vaginal suppositories, vaginal rings and hormone replacement therapy show interaction when you take any of these drugs or in combination with Arimidex 1mg tablets.

How You Should Take Arimidex 1mg Tablets (Anastrozole)?

  • Recommended dose of Arimidex 1mg is 1 tablet of 1mg orally once a day.
  • You can take it with or without food but take at same time each day regular to get better results.

What Should Be Done In Case Of Doses If-

Missed Dose- Take missed dose as soon as you remember but do not double your dose by taking it with next dosing schedule. Skip that missed dose and consult your doctor.

Over Dose- Take close observation and immediate medical consideration in case of over dose because of any reason.

What Would Be Side Effects of Arimidex 1mg Tablets (Anastrozole)?

Headache, nausea, hot flushes, rashes, joint stiffness, diarrhea, vomiting, bone pain, weight gain, nervousness, vaginal dryness are some of undesirable effects that you may suffer with the use of Arimidex 1mg tablets.

What Precautions Should Be Taken While Taking Arimidex 1mg Tablets?

  • Take regular assessment of bone mineral density as it may lead to reduce it with increased risk of fractures.
  • Take precaution before taking Arimidex 1mg tablets if your cholesterol level is high.
  • It is a recommended drug to be used only in post-menopausal women.

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Best drug to treat breast cancer Review by kayla
When i was 35 years old i m facing problem of menopause and it causes breast cancer. When i told this problem to my sister , she searched a medicine to solve breast cancer problem. She purchased Arimidex 1mg Tablet for me and told me to take this medicine. This is one of the successful medicine which works best for me . (Posted on 3/15/18)

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