Buy Benzagel Acne Wash Gel

Buy Benzagel Acne Wash Gel

Generic Benzoyl Peroxide - Benzagel Acne Wash Gel

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Description about Benzagel

Benzagel is a topical formulation, which is indicated to prevent moderate to severe pimples or other skin problems. Generic Benzoyl peroxide is effective content found in this preparation and it kills bacteria causing infection. Benzoyl peroxide also has drying effect that removes excess oil and dirt from the skin. When Benzagel is applied on the skin, it works by hindering the acne causing bacteria and make your skin oil free, acne free and clear.  

Dosage information and method of application about Benzagel

Before applying Benzagel, wash your affected area then apply a thin gel on affected area so that it gets absorbed and let it dry. Do not cover it with any covering. You will note the effects within few weeks of its use.

Some don'ts to follow with Benzagel

  • Benzagel should not be applied if you have burn, scratched, scalded, or wounded skin.
  • If you are suffering from psoriasis and eczema, this gel should not be used.
  • Do not use alcohol and salicylic acid containing products.

Safety precautions to follow with Benzagel

  • Always use sunscreen cream or lotion and protective clothing when you go out during daytime as it will cause skin irritation.
  • When you apply this gel, avoid using any other cream on your face.
  • Breastfeeding and pregnant females should use this gel with doctor advice.
  • Children under the age of 12 years should never apply this gel.
  • Avoid using hair bleach while using this gel.
  • Keep this gel away from small children.

Storage condition of Benzagel

Store Benzagel at room temperature at 300C. Keep it away from direct heat, light, and moisture.

Side effects with Benzagel

  • Itching, redness, irritation
  • Crusting of the skin, peeling of skin   
  • Burning sensation on the area applied area
  • Numbness, blister formation
  • Scaling of the skin, rashes
  • Stinging of the skin

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