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Brief description of Bimat Eye Drops:

Bimat eye drops are available in the variety of eye drop comprising of Bimatoprost as the major active ingredient, which belongs to the group of prostaglandins for the reason of which it is an analog of prostaglandin. Thus, the most important consequence of Bimatoprost is enhancing the eyelash growth and thickness. In accumulation, it is also helpful in the management of glaucoma situation.

Mechanism of action for Bimat Eye Drops:

Bimat Eye drops contains Bimatoprost as the major active ingredient. Bimat eye drop encompassing Bimatoprost helps in increasing the anagen stage and reduces the telogen phase throughout a hair growth cycle. This makes your short and inadequate eyelashes (hypotrichosis condition) to raise large, shady, and broad. Moreover, Bimat helps in the decrease of increased eye pressure due to aqueous humor inside the eyes in glaucoma condition.

Dosage Information for Bimat Eye Drops:

Bimat Eye Drops are available 0.3% sterile ophthalmic solution that needs to be used for the purpose of eyes only. The medication is used once a time in a day particularly in the evening time. Use this medication same time each day in order to get desired therapeutic effect. Draw a line by applying the solution at the tip of the brush starting from the innermost part of the lash line margin to the outer point. Use the solution for once daily during the night for a regular duration of 12-16 weeks. You may achieve the results within 8 weeks but do not stop the drug.

Side effects of using Bimat Eye Drops:

Unlikely, some side effects might occur while use of this medication such as dizziness, dry or watery eyes, burning sensation in eyes, headache, redness or swelling, and change in color of iris.

Warnings & Precautions:

There are some precautionary measures which needs to be kept in mind while consuming this medication including-

  • Avoid the use of this medication in case of allergic reactions to the active ingredient Bimatoprost.
  • Remove your eyeglasses and contact lenses before using the medication.
  • Use of any other medication after the use of Bimat should be done after a gap of an hour.



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excellent medicine for glaucoma Review by Tracy
I was dealing with glaucoma from a long time and looking for a remedy to deal with this. Then, someone recommended me this eye drop. This eye drop is really amazing. (Posted on 2/22/17)
best medicine to treat glaucoma Review by Jeremy
Thanks to usmedicinestore for providing such an outstanding medicine to deal with glaucoma. (Posted on 1/18/17)

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