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Buy Careprost Eye Drops

Bimatoprost Ophthalmic - Careprost Eye Drops

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A brief overview about Careprost eye drops:

Careprost is the very well-known solution for those people who are affliction from the disorder of Hypotrichosis, a condition in which they endure very thin and fewer lashes. Careprost drops assist the people to grow thicker and longer eyelashes in a natural way. It is also helpful in the management of glaucoma.

Working action of Careprost:

Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin analog that works amazingly by acting on anagen phase or telogen phase of hair cycle of an eyelash. It works by improving the length of an eyelash. Second, it enhances the number of hairs in a growth phase of hair follicles. In telogen phase, it drops down the hair production. It is reasonable that you will recognize a little growth within four weeks and the complete best outcome will be shown after16 weeks.

Dosage instructions of Careprost eye drop:

Careprost is accessible as 0.03% sterile ophthalmic solution available in a 5ml bottle that needs to be used for the reason of eyes only. Wash your hands accurately before and after use of the medication. The medication is accessible with a brush. Apply the medication with the assistance of brush from the side of the upper eyelid such that the medication is straight placed onto the eyelashes. Start with the inner part to the outer part. Close your eyes for about a minute such that medication is properly placed over the eyelashes. Wipe out the excess liquid from the face as it might cause the growth of hair.

For the treatment of Glaucoma instill one drop of eye drops into the affected eyes and apply pressure for one minute so that drug get absorbed entirely into the eye.

Side effects of Careprost eye drop:

Some commonly side effects that you observe with Careprost eye drops are redness, itching of eye, sensitivity to light, vision changes, dryness, mild burning of the eye, eye discharge, darkening of eyelid skin.

Safety measures need to take care:

  • Remove your eyeglasses and contact lenses before applying the eye drops.
  • Wipe out all the makeup you have applied before applying drops.
  • Use of eye drops is opposing if you recently undergo eye surgery.
  • Use of Careprost is opposing under the allergic reaction with Bimatoprost.


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I am impressed with the best delivery services provided by this pharmacy. (Posted on 2/19/17)
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careprost eye drops is excellent product. i order 2 time this product from this pharmacy (Posted on 4/16/16)

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