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Cytoxan - Cyclophosphamide 50mg Tablets - 500mg Injection

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Cytoxan 500mg Injection contains Cyclophosphamide is an effective medication, which treats certain types of cancer such as lymphoma, leukemia, ovarian cancer, eye cancer and breast cancer. It is usually used in combination with some other cancer medications.

How Cytoxan Cyclophosphamide 500mg Injection Works?

Cytoxan 500mg Injection is made up of Generic Cyclophosphamide as its active ingredient. It is an alkylating agent, which works by interrupting the growth or formation of the DNA. It also promotes mutations by changing the pairing of the DNA. Due to this property, this medication prevents the growth of cancer cells and treats cancer.

Who Should Not Take Cyclophosphamide 500mg Injection?

  • The individuals, who are suffering from severe bone marrow suppression, should not take this medication.
  • The females, who are pregnant, should not use Cytoxan - Cyclophosphamide 500mg Injection.
  • The individuals, who are allergic to Cyclophosphamide or any other ingredient of this drug, should not use this drug.

What Other Drugs Will Affects The Activity Of Cytoxan 500mg Injection?

It should not be consumed in combination with certain drugs, as it can interact with these drugs. These are Phenobarbital, Ativan, Paracetamol, Zofran, Lyrica, Nexium, Bactrim and Demerol.

Where You Should Store Cyclophosphamide 500mg Injection?

You should keep Cytoxan Cyclophosphamide 500mg Injection at room temperature; away from direct heat and moisture.

How To Use (Cytoxan) Cyclophosphamide 500mg Injection?

This medication is formulated in the oral dosage form, which can be used with the help of water. The dose of this medication may vary from 1 to 8mg per kg of body weight per day, depending upon the type of cancer and response of the drug in the body of the individuals.

What to do in case of overdose?

This medication should not be used in overdose, as it can cause severe harmful effects in the body of the individual. If by mistake, the individual takes it in overdose, then immediately contact with the doctor.

What to do in case of missed dose?

The individual should contact with the doctor as soon as possible, if he/ she missed the dose of this medication. The individual should not take two doses of this drug at a same time.

What Side Effects Are Caused By Cyclophosphamide 500mg Injection?

Cytoxan Cyclophosphamide 500mg Injection may also cause some undesired effects in the body of some individuals like color change in skin, diarrhea, weakness, skin rash, nausea, hair loss, stomach discomfort and loss of appetite.

What Are Safety Points About Cyclophosphamide 500mg Injection?

  • The individuals should take this drug with extra care in case of infection, weak immune system and disorders of heart, liver or kidney.
  • The females, who are breastfeeding mothers, should avoid breastfeeding while taking Cytoxan Cyclophosphamide 500mg Injection.
  • Caregivers should take extra care, while working for cancer patients, who are using Cytoxan Cyclophosphamide 500mg Injection.
  • The individuals should not use a live vaccine, while using Cytoxan Cyclophosphamide 500mg Injection.

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