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Erlocip 150mg Tablet is an oral tablet formulation that contains an active pharmaceutical drug called Erlotinib.

Erlocip 150mg Tablet is prescribed for the treatment of

  • Non-small cell lung carcinoma (locally advanced or metastatic forms).
  • Helps in treating pancreatic cancer either (locally advanced or metastatic forms).

Erlocip 150mg tablets belong to kinase inhibitor of anticancer drugs. The drug acts directly over the targeted site particularly to the tumor cells and thus saves the affected cancerous cells only and normal cells remain safe after the use of Erlocip 150mg tablets.

How The Drug Erlocip Helps You Out In The Ailment?

Erlocip 150mg tablets are composed of generic Erlotinib that is a kinase inhibitor and it acts by following way:

Erlocip 150mg tablets acts on the DNA and remains targeted. Erlotinib prevents the cancerous growth and stops the proliferation of tumor cells. So patients find increased potential to fight the cancer and recover the medical condition.

Who Should Remain Refrained From The Use of Erlotinib 150mg Tablet?

  • Women who have attained pregnancy or nursing mothers should not use Erlocip 150mg tablets.
  • Patients suffering hepatic disorder should not use Erlocip 150mg tablets.
  • Patients with a history of COPD or asthmatic condition should not use Erlocip 150mg tablets.
  • Any patient having history of hypersensitivity to the core drug or the ingredient of the drug should not use Erlocip 150mg tablets.

Which Drugs Should Not Be Taken Along Erlocip 150mg Tablet?

Certain drugs should not be used along Erlocip 150mg tablets as they may pose some ill effect or decrease the drug action so following list of medication should be avoided while one is having generic Erlotinib. So avoid drugs like:

Painkillers: Nefazodone; Antibiotics: Rifampin, Clarithromycin and Antiviral drugs or protease inhibitor drugs like: Ritonavir, Atazanavir, and Saquinavir.

What Is The Proper Prophylactic Dose of Erlocip 150mg?

ERLOCIP 150mg is oral tablet formulation which should be administered by taking whole tablet via mouth along plain water. Erlocip 150mg tablets should be taken over fasting condition or if you had your meal then you can have the drug around 1-2 hour later.

Coming to the prophylaxis:

In condition of locally advance condition or metastatic non small lung cancer:

Erlocip 150mg should be served once in a day. The dose can be later decreased to 50mg according to the patient response.

In condition of unresectable, locally advanced, or metastatic pancreatic cancer in adults:

Erlocip 150mg tablets can be used as first line along adjuvant like Gemcitabine 100mg once in a day and the dose is further decreased to 50mg according to the patient medical condition. One should not chew or split the tablet or dissolve the medication in liquid.

Patient should follow guidelines and never take two tablets together it may lead to overdose and you may suffer rashes or gastric disturbance even ruin the medical state of the patient.

How to store Erlocip 150mg tablets safe?

  • The drug preparation should be kept away from direct heat, light and moisture exposure.
  • Keep Erlocip 150mg tablets where children can't reach.
  • Erlocip 150 tablets should be kept in air tight container.

What Are The Possible Unwanted Effects That Can Be Seen After Having Erlocip?

  • Patients using Generic Erlotinib may experience some unwanted effect that can be different for different individuals: Nausea, Fever, Chest pain, Diarrhea, Irritated or dry skin, vomiting. Patient should share such experience to the medical professional before the symptoms turn worse.

What Are The Warning Indications For Patients Having Generic Erlotinib 150mg Tablet?

  • If patient has any history of gastric disorder or ulceration patient should not use Erlocip 150mg tablets.
  • Antacids should not be used along with the Erlocip 150mg tablets.

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