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What Is Erlonat 100mg Tablets And What Is The Purpose of Erlonat?

Erlonat 100mg Tablets is a solid dosage form, which is served in an oral tablet form. Erlonat 100mg tablet is composed of generic Erlotinib 100mg. Erlonat 100mg tablet is meant for the treatment of lung cancer and pancreatic cancer either locally advanced or metastatic form of cancer. Erlonat 100mg tablet is an anticancer medication; it helps in all stage of cancer and can be served along other anticancer drugs for example Gemcitabine.

How Erlonat 100mg or Generic Erlotinib Tablets Helps In Cancer Treatment?

Generic Erlotinib is an antitumor drug, but exact mechanism of action is yet not characterized.

Erlonat 100mg tablet exerts action by inhibition of intracellular phophorylation of kinase. The drug acts on tyrosine kinase that controls (EGFR) epidermal growth factor receptor. Erlonat 100mg tablet acts on the DNA structure and controls the uncontrolled growth, and the EGFR factor will take care of normal cells and destroy only cancerous cells.

What Are The Contraindications of The Drug Erlonat 100mg Tablets?

  • Patient with previous history of allergy or serious hypersensitivity to the drug should not use the drug Erlotinib.
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should not use this drug.
  • Patient with compromised liver output or hepatic malfunction should not use the drug.
  • If patient is suffering from airways sensitivity or disorder of lungs should not have this drug.

Which Other Medications May Show Interact With Erlonat 100mg And Modify The Drug Output?

  • Painkillers and NSAIDs should not be administered.
  • Protease inhibitor and antiviral drugs, then one should not use drug like Ritonavir or Saquinavir along Erlonat.
  • You should not use Erlonat 100mg tablet along anti TB and antibiotic drugs like Rifampin or antifungal drugs along this Erlonat tablet.

What Is The Recommended Dose of Erlonat 100mg Tablets?

Erlonat 100mg tablet is served in two different dose strengths of 100mg and 150mg dose.

Erlonat should be taken over empty stomach and if you had your meal then you should have the dose after an hour.

  • For the treatment of non small lung cancer or metastatic pancreatic cancer you should have Erlonat 100mg tablet once in a day and the dose should be later decreased according to the patient medical condition up to 50mg according to body tolerance and medical condition.
  • The medicament dose is also depending upon many factors like type of cancer condition and health condition.
  • One should swallow the whole tablet at once and never chew or crush the medicament.

How To Store Erlonat 100mg Tablets?

  • Keep Erlonat 100mg tablet in cool and closed container away from heat moisture and light source.
  • Keep Erlonat 100mg tablet in child resistant region or packing.

What Are The Side Effects of Erlonat 100mg Tablets?

One may experience certain unwanted effects that may vary from every individual, you can notice side effect like:

  • Fever, myalgia, dry and scaly skin, anorexia and abdominal pain.
  • Vomiting and diarrhea condition are also commonly seen after having Erlonat 100mg tablet.

What Are The Precautionary Measures To Be Followed While Using Erlonat 100mg Tablets?

  • One should not use Erlonat 100mg tablet along Antacid or maintain a time gap between the intakes of antacid and Erlonat tablet.
  •  One should avoid analgesic drug along Erlonat 150mg tablet.
  • If any patient has any anomaly related to the stomach or gastritis should stop the use of generic Erlotinib.

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