Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem faced by both men and women alike dread. Every day you loss up to 100 hairs and they are replaced with the new one, this is common but losing more than that can be a big problem and it is called as baldness. In balding people the hair stops coming back. Baldness is also called as alopecia. It is more common male compared to female. Almost 40% of all men have hair loss. This problem can result from many factors such as genetic, aging, local skin condition, drug, diet and the diseases that affect body, using excess of different medications such as vitamin A, thallium and retinoid, regular change in shampoo etc. People who fond of hairstyle can easily loss their hairs because at the time of making hairstyle, hairs are stretch which lead hair breakage.

If you are suffering from hair loss in the early stage then you might go completely bald in later stage of your life. Some people loss their hairs in the back of their head. Approximately one in every thirty individual faces this disorder. Common symptoms of hair loss are hair thinning, gradual loss of hair, circular patches on head.

There are ways to stop it from happing. Medications are available to treat hair loss effectively. They can help you to regain you hairs within very less time. Medication such as Minoxidil Hair Growth Solution, Rogaine Extra Strength, Propecia and Finpecia 1mg Tablets are available on our online portal to treat hair loss and its symptoms.