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Buy Nexret Cream 0.1% - Generic Tretinoin

Generic Tretinoin - Nexret Cream 0.1%

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What is the use of Nexret Cream?

Nexret cream is a medicated topical preparation, which is used widely among the population for the management of skin related issues like acne, pimples, dark spots, melasma, and black heads in age group ranging between 12 and 25 years. The cream is effective for all skin types and genders.

What is the mechanism of action of Nexret Cream?

Nexret is a medicated cream that contains Tretinoin as its chief active constituent of Retinoid therapeutic category and exhibits its effect by opening the blocked pores caused by deposition of excess oil or sebum over the pore or around the hair follicle. The cream converts the rough skin to supple surface and exhibits its effect by enhancing the gloss of the skin. The cream not only renews the skin surface but also is effective in curing inflammation by opening the barren pores and permitting the natural oil-producing gland to action properly.

What is the correct method to apply Nexret Cream?

Nexret cream is available in dose strengths of 0.04% and 0.1% on our reputed pharmacy store. The patient is prescribed different dosing based on their skin condition on examination by the physician. Always apply the cream over your face by washing both your hands and face. Apply small amount of cream over your face with gentle rubbing and left it there on the face for overnight or minimum an hour before washing your face.

What are conflicting effects of using Nexret cream?

  Do not apply Nexret cream over broken or chapped surface.

 Omit the use of cream if you got hives or develop allergy after its usage.

The patient should not use Nexret cream if suffering from psoriasis and eczema disorder.

A pregnant woman and breastfeeding mother should not have to use this medication without prior consultation of doctor.

What are common side effects associated with Nexret cream?

Patient may have to encounter some common side effects while using Nexret cream such as irritation, redness, stinging, scaling of the skin, numbness, blister formation or crusting of the skin, rashes, burning sensation and swelling.

What are associated precautions with Nexret cream?

The patient using Nexret cream should avoid going out in Sun or cover their face with a breathable cotton cloth to prevent the skin from direct exposure of Sun else may cause intense irritation or burning sensations over the face. You can also apply moisturizer cream directly on the affected area, after applying Nexret cream to cure excessive dryness. Do not use wax on the face while you are using Nexret cream for the acne treatment. 


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