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Generic Carisoprodol 350mg - Prosoma 350mg Tablets

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What is ProSoma role?

ProSoma is an amazing medicine that exhibits its impact directly on the ill sensations of pain from moderate to severe level. Most commonly, ProSoma counters the panic feeling of muscle pain due to any associated reason like muscle strain, sprain, spasm, twitches, pulling, tearing or pain after surgeries.

How does ProSoma act on the human body?

ProSoma enfolding Carisoprodol as active therapeutic ingredient falls under therapeutic class of muscle relaxant. The medicine works on the simple principle of blocking pathetic sensations of pain traveling from affected region in pain to the nociceptors present in CNS. Based on density of pain receptors, present in different regions of body, the patient can feel pain of different intensity.

How have you to take the dose of ProSoma?

Take ProSoma 350mg thrice in a day with sufficient water to swallow the medicine either with or without meals but no crushing or chewing the tablets. The Maximum daily dose that can be tolerated by an adult individual is 1400mg whereas for geriatrics it is 700mg. If the patient, go higher to this dose than have to come across some severe side effects.

However, the medicine can exhibit its effect within a short span of 3 weeks but one has to intake the therapy for the duration prescribed by the physician after analyzing the severity of the condition. But when therapy extended for a long time than prescribed it might develop dependence or cause addiction which can later be life threatening.

What does adverse effects a patient can come across?

The patient can come across some adverse effects after the consumption of ProSoma such as blurred or hazy vision, nausea, irritation, vomiting, sleep apnea, unsteadiness, trembling, headache, hallucinations, and soreness in throat.

What precautions do the patient can take with ProSoma intake?

The patient relying on ProSoma therapy should avoid or lower the intake of alcohol to a minimum and avoid self-driving the vehicle after the intake of medicine ProSoma to safeguards oneself from any aggravated side effects or accidents due to lethargy and drowsy state of mind. Grapefruit juice further enhances the sedation in a patient to higher level.

What are contraindications when the patient is on ProSoma therapy?

Omit ProSoma if develop any allergy after its intake and do not give this medicine to a pregnant woman and breastfeeding mother unless prescribed by the physician. Abrupt withdrawal of therapy can worsen your health conditions, even may force so you to overdose or addiction. 


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Perfect medicine for pain Relief Review by Finley
Some times back i had an accident with a bike due to which i m suffering from very heavy pain in my back. My doctor suggest me prosoma 350mg tablet to get instant relief from pain. This is perfect medicine which have carisoprodol gives instant relief from pain. I purchase prosoma 350mg tablet from and they provide me over night delivery service. (Posted on 11/3/17)
amazing medicine for instatnt pain relief Review by Terry
If you are looking for a pain relief medicine like me then, Prosoma is the right medicine for you. I have recently consumed this medicine and get instant pain relief. (Posted on 3/28/17)

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