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Description of ProSoma

Carisoprodol present in ProSoma is a crucial component for treating musculoskeletal pain. It works best with rest and physical therapy. Carisoprodol relieves pain and discomfort caused due to sprain, strain, and muscle injury. It is a short-term treatment and functions by relaxing muscles.

Mode of action of ProSoma

Carisoprodol is centrally acting depressant that is a sedative and skeletal muscle relaxant. Carisoprodol interferes with the neuronal communication within the spinal cord and reticular formation causing sedative effect and change in pain perception.

Dosage information of ProSoma

When any painful sensation has triggered in your body, use ProSoma 500 mg twice per day with water and at bedtime before you sleep. The duration of therapy is up to two to three weeks. The usual pediatric dose for subduing muscle spasm is 500 mg twice per day and before sleep at bedtime. The duration of therapy is up to two to three weeks. 

Some don'ts to follow with ProSoma

  • You should not use ProSoma if you are hypersensitive to Carisoprodol and Meprobamate.
  • Do not use ProSoma if you have porphyria.
  • Do not use in children of age below 12 years.

Safety precautions to follow with ProSoma

  • Avoid in a person who are a victim of drug abuse.
  • Cut the intake of alcohol, as there is the possibility of dizziness and drowsiness.
  • Keep the medication in secure place away from small children.
  • If you have to use in pregnant and lactating mothers, before using consult your doctor.
  • Carisoprodol interferes with your thought process so be cautious while performing harsh tasks.
  • Avoid medicines like sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, narcotic drugs when you are using ProSoma as it induces sleep.
  • Avoid immediate withdrawal of ProSoma, as there are chances of withdrawal symptoms.

Side effects with ProSoma

Some side effects you may observe with ProSoma are a tremor, dizziness, drowsiness, depression, blurred vision, sleep problem, nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, feeling irritable, lack of coordination, extreme weakness, paralysis, fainting, fast heartbeat, agitation, and confusion. 


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Best product Review by James
Prosoma 500mg helps me alot to live pain free life . Since 3 months back i got injured with Bike due to i faced so much pain in my leg . My family doctor gave me prosoma 500mg tablet. This the best product i found . now i can walk easily without any pain. (Posted on 3/7/18)
Amazing Medicine to treat muscular pain Review by Bobby
Prosoma 500mg tablet plays a vital role to treat moderate to severe body pain. My friend suggest me to purchase prosoma 500mg medicine when i m suffering from back pain. I place an order for prosoma 500mg Tablet from at very cheap price. A big thanks to for providing me over night delivery service. (Posted on 11/20/17)
superb medicine for musculoskeletal pain Review by Pamela
Thanks to usmedicinestore for providing such an amazing medicine for musculoskeletal pain. (Posted on 1/30/17)
amazing medicine for muscle pain Review by Patrick
If you are dealing with musculoskeletal pain like me and looking for a medicine to deal with this then, Prosoma 500mg is the best medicine for you. Try this medicine to get rid of muscle pain. (Posted on 12/13/16)

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