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Generic Somatropin HGH 4iu Injection

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Brief summary of Somatropin-

Deficiency of growth in children and adults happens due to production failure of growth hormone. Therefore, synthetically prepared growth hormone in the form of Somatropin injection is given to children as well as to adults to cope up with the deficiency of growth hormone.

Mechanism of action of Somatropin-

Somatropin is prepared synthetically with different brand names, which acts similarly to natural growth hormone. The natural growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland, so if anyhow there is a deficiency of growth hormone, then Somatropin HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is given for the growth of muscles and bones. Growth is lacking because of many reasons.

Dosing regimen of Somatropin-

Somatropin HGH 4IU is accessible in the form of injection, which is given either Intramuscularly (I.M.) or Subcutaneously (S.C.) route. The actual dosing of Somatropin is given depending on the patient's conditions. However, the general dosing regimen may be followed as 1-3 IU daily for the men while 1-2IU daily can be given to women.

Undesirable responses of Somatropin-

While taking Somatropin, patients may observe some side effects of the medication, as if, change in weight, symptoms of cold, headache, muscle pain, abdominal pain, joint pain, swelling, tiredness, pain or redness at the injection site.

Contradictory conditions for the use of Somatropin-

  • Women should not take Somatropin if they are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Somatropin is contradictory to be given to geriatric people.
  • If you use Somatropin during any medical condition of the thyroid, pituitary gland disorder, heart, liver, kidney, diabetes, or in any other, then your condition may worsen.
  • Do not take Somatropin if you have hypersensitivity to it.

Preventive measures to be followed while using Somatropin-

  • Avoid medicine shaking before using, as it will destroy the medicament.
  • Growth reports, blood tests, and eye checkup should be done on a regular basis while being treated with Somatropin.
  • Alcohol should never be consumed while taking Somatropin because of exasperation of adverse effects.


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