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Buy Stablon 12.5mg Tablets - Generic Tianeptine

Generic Tianeptine 12.5mg Tablets - Stablon 12.5mg Tablets

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What is Stablon 12.5mg and why it is used for?

Stablon is a number one medicine for treating major depression and decrease the major depressive episodes ranging from mild to severe. This medicine makes your life free from the symptoms of depressive sickness, including anxiousness, loss of interest in usual activities, change in appetite, fatigue, feeling of restlessness or guilt, difficulty in concentration and continuous or recurrent thoughts of suicide. Using this medicine make you safe from the relapse of recurrence of depressive episodes.

How does Stablon work? How does Stablon show its beneficial effects?

Tianeptine is the main component present in Stablon medicine that has anti-depressant effects. It is placed in a group of drugs namely (SSRE) selective serotonin reuptake enhancer.It helps to treat the neuronal uptake of serotonin neurotransmitter, that further enhances the neuronal flexibility. In this way, it helps to resolve depression issue and makes your mind relax.

How to take Stablon Tianeptine ? What is its dosing manual?

Stablon comes in tablet formulation in a dosing strength of 12.5 mg. This medicine needs to be taken through the mouth with a colossal amount of water, thrice a day before a meal. You need to continue this medicine for several weeks or months, that completely depends on your condition. Although you may notice in few weeks you need to continue it to a prescribed time limit at least 6 months.

What are the noxious effects of Stablon Tablet ?

Unwanted reactions of Stablon include reduction of sleep, body weight fluctuations, nausea, diarrhea, dry mouth, constipation, dizziness, headache, and drowsiness.

When should Stablon not be taken?

·         Allergy to any ingredient of Stablon

·        Kidney or liver disease

·        Taking monoamine oxidase inhibitor medicines

What are the precautions of Stablon Tianeptine 12.5mg ?

·         Say NO to any work that needs the presence of your mind as Stablon makes you dizzy.

·       Say NO to alcohol along with Stablon as it may cause excessive drowsiness.

·       If it has become time to leave Stablon, so you need to reduce the dosing for 4 weeks. Do not leave it immediately.

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