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Tamilong 20mg Tablets contains Generic Tamoxifen is an excellent remedy, which is a molecular analogue of triphenylethylene group. This is a type of prodrug that works against cancerous condition related to breast. This is an oral dosage form that contains Tamoxifen, which is a synthetic derivative of selective estrogen receptor modulator that inhibit the action of naturally formed female hormone, named as estrogen.

How Tamilong 20mg Tablets Shows Its Effectiveness In The Body?

Tamilong 20mg is a potent drug, which reveals its effectiveness in the body by various activities like:

  • Binding to the estrogenic receptors to block the site of interaction of natural female hormone
  • Reducing the growth and proliferation of cancerous breast cells

What Are The Indications of Tamilong 20mg Tablets?

  • This is an oral dosage form that intended to manage the breast cancer in both male as well as female.
  • This dosage form is also approved for managing the infertility in woman that causes due to anovulatory disorders. Tamilong 20mg tablets also successfully used to improve fertility in males.
  • Tamilong 20mg tablets also utilized to get treatment of gynecomastia that causes due to the hyperactivity or excessive of estrogen.
  • This drug is also consumed by a patient to resolve issues like idiopathic sclerosing mesenteritis, albright syndrome and retroperitoneal fibrosis.

What Are The Drug Interactions of Tamilong 20mg (Tamoxifen) Tablets?

Consumption of Tamilong 20mg tablets is not suggested along with certain medications like anti coagulant drugs, contraceptive drugs, non steroid aromatase inhibitors, anti ulcer drugs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and anti depressant drugs.

What Are The Contraindications of Tamilong 20mg Tablets?

Treatment via Tamilong is not recommended in patients with:

  • Hypersensitivity problem with any ingredient of Tamilong 20mg tablets
  • History of blood clots
  • Severe or stable hypertension
  • Chronic hepatic disorders

What Are The Storage Conditions For Tamilong 20mg (Tamoxifen) Tablets?

Tamilong 20mg tablets are stored under room temperature and should put away from excessive heat and moisture. Always keep this drug in the air tight container and put it on the dark and dry condition.

What Is The Recommended Manner To Take Tamilong 20mg Tablets?

Take 20 to 40 mg dose of this medication once or twice a day, to treat breast cancer. Take this drug orally along with a glass of water. If you are taking this drug 40 mg dose, then you must take in two divided doses, i.e. one dose in morning and seconding dose after evening time. Take this drug regularly on the same time for five years.

To get proper treatment with Tamilong tablets, it is beneficial to consume this medication on regular basis and also take it on same time. In case you missed any dose, avoid taking two or extra doses together on the time of next dosing time.

Risk of uterine cancer, stroke and pulmonary embolus are some unpleasant symptoms that develop due to the consumption of Tamilong tablets in excess or large quantity.

What Are The Side Effects of Tamilong 20mg (Tamoxifen) Tablets?

Drowsiness, weight loss, hot flashes, mood changes, vision problems and irregular heartbeat are some minor side effects that may develop in the body due to Tamilong 20mg tablets.

What Are The Safety Measures While Taking Tamilong 20mg Tablets?

  • You must avoid Tamilong 20mg tablets during pregnancy due to severe child birth defects.
  • The use of Tamilong 20mg is recommended during lactation period; as it passes into the breast milk.
  • You must use birth control methods, other than hormonal contraceptive, to avoid pregnancy during medication; as these contraceptives become ineffective to provide protection against pregnancy, during this treatment.

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Best Drug to solve breast cancer problem. Review by Daisy
Tamilong 20mg is the perfect medicine which helps me to overcome the problem of Breast cancer. (Posted on 2/12/18)

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