Buy Tazret Gel .05% (15gm)

Buy Tazret Gel .05% (15gm) - Generic Tazarotene

Generic Tazarotene - Tazret Gel .05% (15gm)

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What is the action of Tazret gel?

Tazret gel is a renowned brand used widely by the men and women population to counter their facial or skin conditions like acne, melasma, pimples, wrinkles or other minor inflammations. The cream contains Tazarotene as an active pharmaceutical moiety that assist the user to avail younger looking skin.

What is the action mechanism of Tazret gel?

The Tazret gel is an immensely effective formulation for the management of plaque psoriasis, cystic acne, freckles and melasma. Tazret gel prevents the growth and spread of microorganism over the face, nourishes the rough skin cells and dehydrates the sebum that restricts the hair follicle in the skin and later converts it into a black head. Thus, prevents the further development of acne and blackheads and bless the person with clear skin free of wrinkles and pimples.

What is the method to apply Tazret gel?

Apply Tazret gel 0.05% on your face after washing or cleaning it with mild face wash or cleanser. Then apply the small amount of cream over your face only on affected areas. Apply the Tazret gel on the face only once in day in evening time and allow the cream to be on the face for an overnight or for minimum an hour before removing the cream or applying any other makeup product on the face.

What are the side effects of Tazret gel?

Some common associated side effects with Tazret gel usage are Skin irritation, lightening, increased photosensitivity, dryness, Stinging or scaling, Burning sensation, tenderness, swelling or blistering.

What are the Preventive measures of Tazret gel?

  • Evade applying Tazret gel on face if you are using any other herbal preparations.
  • The cream is not for children usage below 12 years of age.
  • Drape your face with breathable  cloth prior getting out in sun.

What are Contradictory conditions of using Tazret gel?

  • Never apply Tazret gel in medical conditions like irritated surface, cuts, wounded, or sunburned surface.
  • Never apply Tazret gel during pregnancy and nursing conditions unless suggested by the physician. 


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