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Buy Temoside 20mg Capsules - Temozolomide 20mg

Generic Temozolomide 20mg - Temoside 20mg Capsules

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Temoside 20 mg tablets is an amazing formula that contains Generic Temozolomide as a vital ingredient, which is an outstanding formula of alkylating group, which is a synthetic derivative of imidazotetrazine and is majorly used to solve issues associated with brain cancer. 

How Temoside 20 Mg (Temozolomide) Shows Its Effectiveness In The Body?

Temoside 20 mg tablets reveal its effectiveness by binding to the specific receptor, which successfully decreases the multiplication and number of cancerous cells in the body. Temoside tablets also interfere in the growth and development of the cancerous cell to reduce the proliferation of these cells.

What Are Indications of Temoside 20 Mg Tablets (Temozolomide)?

  • This is an effective dosage form that reveals its beneficial action against various types of brain cancer.
  • This dosage form is a choice of drug, which is utilized to treat Glioblastoma multiforme.
  • Temoside 20 mg tablets also intended to manage symptoms associated with refractory anaplastic astrocytom.

What Are Drug Interactions of Temoside 20mg Tablets (Temozolomide)?

Avoid taking this dosage form along with certain medications like:

  • Quinolone or its derivative like Nalidixic acid
  • Steroid containing drugs like Prednisolone
  • Drugs containing Valproic acid like Stavzor

What are the contraindications of Temoside 20mg Tablets (Temozolomide)?

Administration of this dosage form is avoided in those patients having problem like:

  • Hypersensitivity problem with any ingredient of Temoside 20 mg tablets
  • Chronic hepatic disorders
  • History of blood clots
  • Cardiovascular disorders

What are the storage conditions for Temoside 20 Mg Tablets (Temozolomide)?

For maintaining the effectiveness during its shelf life, it is beneficial to keep the drug safe and secure by providing proper conditions like:

  • Under the room temperature
  • Away from excessive heat and moisture
  • Place in dark, dry, clean and hygienic condition

What is the recommended manner to take Temoside 20 mg Tablets?

Temoside oral drug is consumed once a day for recommended period, via oral cavity, along with a plenty of water. Take this drug without having meal to reduce the chances of having stomach upset. It is beneficial to administer this drug before sometime night meal, i.e. before 1 hour.

Take Temoside tablets regularly, without missing any dose of this dosage form. If this condition occurs, then avoid taking two or more doses at the time of next dosing interval.

Some severe adverse effects can be seen after taking overdose of Temoside tablets. So, you must avoid taking excess dose of this drug for prolong period than the recommended period.

What Are The Side Effects of Temoside 20 Mg Tablets (Temozolomide)?

There are some common side effects that may arise in the body after taking Temoside 20 mg tablets like lowering the WBC count, constipation, skin rashes, headache and insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, tiredness, weakness and hair loss.

What Are The Safety Measures While Taking Temoside 20mg Tablets?

  • Avoid using break or fragile capsule; as consumption of such product can be harmful to the patient.
  • Contact with sick or infected person must be avoided, while using Temoside 20 mg tablets. This can be harmful to the patient and also enhance the risk of developing signs of infection.
  • You must take great caution while doing such activities that may enhance the danger of having injury, cut or bleeding, during Temoside 20 mg tablets.
  • Temoside 20 mg tablets can pass into the body fluid of the patient, so always put the daily use material like clothes away from the reach of other person.
  • This dosage form can be passed into the body fluid like urine, sweat; so always keep away the clothes or daily using product of the patient from the other.

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Best tablet to treat brain tumor Review by jimmy
When i was in college i face the issue of brain tumor which is a very serious disease. Then i went to hospital for treatment , they suggest me to take temoside 20mg tablet . This tablet works successfully and safely solves your brain tumor problems. (Posted on 4/26/18)

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