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Zoldria 4mg or Zometa 4mg injection (composed of Generic Zoledronic acid) is a bisphosphonate type of medication. It is helpful for treating cancer that has spread to the bones, generally in combination with other treatments like chemotherapy. Zometa 4mg (Zoldria 4mg) Injection lowers the possibility of fractures and other bone ailments. Generic Zoledronic acid can also be used to lower high blood calcium levels in individuals who have bone cancer.

How Zometa 4mg Injection (Zoldria 4mg) Works?

Some tumor growths that initiate in the bones (for example, multiple myelomas) or that can extend to the bones (like breast carcinoma) can bring about the breakdown of bone. This process can release huge quantities of calcium into the blood. This condition (called as hypercalcemia) can be risky. Bone cancer can also bring about fractures or other issues.

Generic Zoledronic acid works by stopping the bone cells (osteoclasts) from breaking down the solid mineral structure of bone. This results in the slowing down of the tumor growth in the bone. Zometa 4mg (Zoldria 4mg) Injection also delays the release of calcium into the blood, which aids in lowering the calcium levels in the body.

Under What Conditions The Use of Zometa 4mg (Zoldria 4mg) Injection Is Contraindicated?

  • If you have a history of mouth or teeth problems, or if you plan to go for a dental surgery in future.
  • Hypersensitivity to Generic Zoledronic acid or any other components.
  • Kidney disease.

Which Other Medications Show Interaction With Zometa 4mg (Zoldria 4mg) Injection?

  • Thalidomide
  • Aminoglycosides like Streptomycin
  • Diuretics such as Furosemide

How to Store Zometa 4mg (Zoldria 4mg) Injection?

Zometa 4mg (Zoldria 4mg) injectable preparation should be stored at controlled room temperature in a cool and dry place. Zometa 4mg (Zoldria 4mg) Injection should be kept at a place protected from exposure to moisture, heat and sunlight.

How Is Zometa 4mg (Zoldria 4mg) Injection Given?

Zometa is administered as an injection to be given via (intravenous or IV route) over 15 minutes or more. The usual dose of Zometa is 4mg, even though the dose may need to be lower in individuals with kidney disorders. The timing will be based on the reason you are getting the medication. To help treat bone cancer, this medication is frequently given one time every three to four weeks.

What Are The Potential Side Effects That Are Associated With Zometa 4mg Injection?

Common side effects that are related with Zometa 4mg (Zoldria 4mg) Injection include bone or joint pain, runny nose, cough, nausea, vomiting, flu-like symptoms (fever, chills, or flushing) in the initial three days after your injection, muscle pain, loss of appetite and pain or redness at injection site. If any of these side effects are bothering you, then immediately contact your physician or nearby emergency department.

What Are The Precautionary Measures That Should Be Kept In Mind While Using Zoldria Injection?

  • Avoid pregnancy while taking Zometa 4mg (Zoldria 4mg) Injection and for some time later. Zoldria injection can harm the fetus and may bring about problems for the mother during delivery. Zometa 4mg (Zoldria 4mg) Injection can stay in your body for years after you discontinue its consumption, and may have an influence on the fetal bone formation.
  • Generic Zoledronic acid is not recommended for lactating mothers as well.

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